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Professional licensed Counsellor

Therapy with attentiveness: Hi, I am a Rupika Moitra. I am a licensed accredited therapist based in Adelaide, Australia. I am very proud to have successfully counselled individuals who need support navigating through stuck and challenging phases that we all are bound to experience. With professional insight and collaborative input, I have seen it transformed into a phase of constructive learning about self and developing resilience for my clients. So they integrate those parts and never look back. Together, we deduce that repeated patterns of thought-emotion-behavior which become an indicative blueprint of client's life.

With Therapy, It can be modified to the tapping of expansive mental potential. I have worked with clients with grief, trauma, 'wounded inner child' low self-esteem, anxiety, PTSD, cross-cultural anxieties, woman and mothers: re-inventing themselves or seeking a new purpose or career path.

My goals for my clients are that "they find their centre", reach there quickly, stay balanced, build strong awareness, heal their relationship with self through reflection, dialogue with their conscious mind, and identifying their cyclical patterns. I apply an integrative and holistic approach incorporating the best aspect of Humanistic, Existential, Jungian modalities with CBT  and Eastern approaches of counseling. that have helped personal expansion. I further integrate the variability of the sub-conscious mind.  believe in always striving for significant outcomes. Want to learn more?

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Restart, Reframe & Reclaim

Through lived life-experience, skilled psychotherapy in a client-centered counselling environment of empathy and acceptance, I will show you -Your power to heal and live with self-awareness and growth through self-love. I firmly believe in the power of intuitive listening. The experience of being truly heard can change the trajectory of one's life

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As a new migrant to Australia I thought it would have been difficult for me to find someone able to understand me and what I was going through. When I met Rupika I was grateful to finally find someone who was capable of helping me out by giving an explanation and a reason to my confusion. Together we started a journey which allowed me to better comprehend myself and identify my role in my relationship. I found particularly effective, the various exercises we did in order to improve my self esteem for example, learning to fill my cup before giving to others and determining my boundaries. 


To other women that are going through a delicate moment of their life I would like to say that a good chat with a wise woman like Rupika is really empowering and uplifting


—  Erin, Adelaide

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Brisbane, Queensland

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