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Flying Acrobatics


Committed to Therapeutic Excellence

In a client-centered humanistic counseling environment of empathy and acceptance, I will show you -Your power to heal and live with self-awareness, expansion within through self-love.


At Wings counselling and Therapy, we pride ourselves at providing customized, tailor-designed therapeutic tools and therapy skills called upon to your specific growth needs and life experience. My in-depth immersion and extensive training for 5 years with psychotherapy mean that I can reach deep into my knowledge base, meet you exactly where you are without judgment, offer insights that we can collaboratively alchemize into realistic goals. I am a firm belief in the power of intuitive listening. I offer the experience of being truly heard. You can almost listen to the words that you say to yourself and look at yourself through a glass of self-reflection, so flow and growth come easily from a space of self-awareness. This can change the trajectory of your life.


Feeling stuck. Counseling can create a space for a sense of freedom and wings of self-healing. Booking appointment starting Jan 2021.

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