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Five ways to find your Best Therapist

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It is widely accepted as a norm and a essential part of self-exploration to access psychological support. So, how do you find someone who feels like the right fit? A therapist that works with your needs and share some life values with you makes it easy to work with. Apart from the google reviews of experience of others, what other deciphering factors can you engage to find your best therapist?

Most people use counseling service at a life-altering stage and they need specialized care for their mental health. So the counselor-client alliance is a huge part of the therapeutic process. There are as many types of counselors as there are people. Most are in the profession because they believe in healing but their methodologies are a result of their personal beliefs and conditioning. Counselors have choices of modalities to correspond those healing beliefs. So how would you, 'the client' make the right choice? A logical counselor may be majorly focused on concrete fact based cognitive changes that are derived from consistent behavior change whilst a emotion-focused therapist direct most attention to the emotion behind the thoughts and behavior and dig to find clarity of why it is there in the first place. I have been on both sides on the chair as a client and as a counselor and I find it so important to stress that in vulnerable times finding just anyone who can help can cause damage. This is one experience where digging deep and looking for the right fit rewards your prime investment- self.

So, Here's s a succinct list of steps to carry out so you can find the therapist, that's right for you:-

1) Take the free consultation and make a mental list of how you felt about the call.

2) Trust your gut instinct: Those who were wounded have strong awareness as healers. So trust your instincts about your healing. Did the therapist seems like a person who would understand.

3)Name your needs: Are you looking for a specific outcome. Try and find if someone who specializes in that niche.

4) Ask questions: Most therapist wouldn't mind if you reach out to them and email after consultation saying, look I am still deciding. Do you think counseling can help me with this bit. I might be unsure.

5) Ask them about their counseling approach: Research on them even lightly it can bring forth the person you are going to work with.

Therapy work is brave and stretches both the counselor and client. Best outcome are achieved when both are ready to navigate, resonate, are open to learning, can relate and share some values like cultural sensitivity is a big one and believe in the process and goal of this collaboration.

6)Finally, therapy is all about support to help client find their self-reliance through support and therapeutic tools. So being honest and authentic with your therapist is crucial for the outcome you want. Tell them what worked and what didn't. Give them testimonials and reviews. So your chosen therapist can keep ascending and learning best practices from you and pass it on to their other clients.

Rupika Moitra

Wings Counselling & Therapy

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