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Hi There

I'm Rupika Moitra, counselor and founder of Wings Counselling and Therapy.

I moved to Australia in 2008 as a spouse and future student with immense hopes from the land of milk and honey from my beloved India. After having lived in beautiful north shore, Sydney, and then putting down roots in central coast, NSW, I finally settled in Adelaide where I am raising a family of first-generation Indian-Australian. I love this country for the opportunities to explore and find my purpose, meaningful friendships, the opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge base of different cultures and social nuances but most importantly the expansion in life experience as a migrant who has learned to be comfortable in their own skin and realize their potential with multiculturism as their super-power.


I started my psychotherapy qualifications in 2015, in Sydney, and I am committed to continuing learning and expanding my skills, knowledge base from the very best in the counseling world. I draw in my practice many therapeutic tools that I have skillfully trained myself through personal development, in-depth experience with my clients, and studying the latest research to help my clients "RE-FRAME THE PAST" and "RE-CLAIM THE FUTURE" as they move towards it with a "RE-INVIGORATED PRESENCE".

My credentials to date:

2020: Currently Training as Rapid Transformation Therapist (RTT) and Hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer School.

2020: Post Graduate Counselling and Psychotherapy, Australian College of Applied Psychology.

2020: Through their eyes: Training for Safe environments for Children and young people, Safe Place Training, Government of South Australia, Department of Education.

2018:Responding to abuse and neglect: Education and Care Training.

2007: Bachelor of Biological Sciences, Delhi University, India.

My Life, Work & Mission

As a mum of two grounded and passionate humans that are born to realize their full potential, my role has been to keep consistency alive in the journey whether it is chauffeuring for an interschool chess championship or long and strenuous classical dance rehearsal, helping them advocate their rights for animal and nature conservation or letting them actively choose a life path of vegetarianism, beyond my realm of lived experience.

Even as a counselor, I navigate the groundwork to keep consistency alive with my clientele that ranged from 13-year-olds up to 89 years old. What I have learned from marrying parenting and collective work experience as a grief and trauma counselor with bereaved parents, a cross-cultural counselor for kids and school parents, and a senior citizen counselor, is what psychotherapy confirms through research: "Lay intense focus on the inner-child".

Through therapeutic sustenance and tools, clients experience intrinsic support and self-acceptance, growth in self-esteem that energizes them to thrive in life-situation; Change becomes their domain!

It can mean upending the trajectory of life to heights, that one may think to be out of reach. It can mean emotional resilience against their anxieties, depression, anger issues, isolating oneself, fear of failure, or fear of not being good enough. I have tried it on myself, my own kids, and my resilient clients with deep traumas. To be my client's psychological support and be invested in their growth and success is my greatest reward.

"I love what I do"; It's holistic, it's sustainable and its impacts are life-long. I invest my skills and training to help clients find their grit, hope, and personal power that they can hold onto and use for their self-actualization. Psychotherapy has helped me inculcate an embracive parenting and balanced life formula to live as 'the greater version of self'.

So, I invite you to take charge of your life journey, invest in your own expansion and growth. See what it is like to be intuitively heard and accepted no matter what life has thrown at you. "Experience this Journey to your Greater Self".

Amazing results apart, you will be satisfied knowing you gave life a good measured shot. I know I am

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